Elder LawIn a perfect world, our elderly would be always protected and taken care of. Unfortunately, families often face frustration in managing a variety of legal issues as their parents and family members get older and require care and support.

How We Can Help

At Bender, Larson, Chidley, Koppes & Associates, our elder law practice is committed to representing our clients with compassion and respect, and to always strive for outcomes that afford them the dignity they deserve.

Our services include advising clients regarding legal issues involving:

  • Financial and health care management when a person becomes incapacitated
  • Guardianship/protective placement
  • Determining long term care placement options
  • Evaluating methods of payment for long term-care
  • Medicare and Medicaid eligibility planning
  • Assisting in asset preservation and divestment planning matters
  • Taking steps necessary to qualify for Medicaid benefits and applying for Medicaid benefits
  • Evaluating funding sources for support of a healthy spouse

Understanding Medicare

Stumped about Medicare? You’re not alone! Thanks to the good folks at AARP answers to common questions are just a click away.


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