Probate LawBender, Larson, Chidley, Koppes & Associates has extensive experience in handling matters related to probate law, which is a wide-ranging term to describe the administration of someone’s affairs after their death to pay legal obligations. This may include paying or resolving debts and taxes, as well as facilitating the distribution of the deceased’s remaining assets to those persons legally entitled to receive them.

How We Can Help

While every probate case is different, we may use many different types of actions to handle your case, including:

  • Formal or informal probate
  • Summary probate procedures
  • Administration of living trusts
  • Termination of joint tenancy
  • Making life insurance claims
  • Securing employee death benefits

Understanding Probate Law

Because probate law might seem extremely complicated to our prospective clients, we suggest reading through the following overview from the State Bar of Wisconsin.


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