Medicare Coverage for Long Term Care

Can Medicare cover long term care expenses?  The answer is a qualified “yes.”  Generally speaking, Medicare Part A covers certain services provided in a skilled nursing facility under certain conditions for a limited timeframe.

Avoiding Probate – The Basics

Estate planning specialists often face clients with following the question: “How can I avoid probate?” But should you?  Probate does have certain disadvantages; however, the formalities of the probate process can be advantageous.

Good News for Obtaining Client Health Care Records

I have often encountered a situation where I had to order my client’s or a child’s health care records. Depending on an institution, fees for certification and retrieval of these records could amount to hundreds of dollars. And that is only one source.

Probate In Wisconsin:
What Is Probate and How Can an Attorney Help?

Last Will and Testament

If you have questions about the probate process, or have been named as a personal representative and are searching for answers on what to do next, it may be time to schedule a confidential consultation with the team at Bender, Larson, Chidley, Koppes & Associates S.C.