Hostile Comments from Your Ex?

As a family lawyer, I am often asked to share my experience on what I see to be the most productive ways to communicate with someone who might not be on the same page as a co-parent. Today, I read this this blog post (by a professional who, judging by his credentials, is trained as […]


Bender, Levi, Larson & Associates would like to congratulate Attorney Julia Bouianova as she became a partner of our firm in 2019! Julia has been an associate with us since 2013, and has done remarkable work for her clients. We are proud of all of her hard work and are excited to start the new […]

Good News for Obtaining Client Health Care Records

I have often encountered a situation where I had to order my client’s or a child’s health care records. Depending on an institution, fees for certification and retrieval of these records could amount to hundreds of dollars. And that is only one source.