Both buyers and sellers can benefit from hiring an attorney to provide advice throughout the transaction.  An attorney can assist buyers with many aspects of their purchase, including drafting or reviewing an offer to purchase, negotiating counteroffers and amendments, reviewing and negotiating real estate agency agreements, reviewing options for holding title, and representing buyers at closing.

Furthermore, an attorney can assist sellers with several aspects of their sale, including drafting or reviewing a listing agreement with a real estate agent, reviewing an offer to purchase, drafting a counteroffer if appropriate, assisting sellers with satisfying any contingencies in the offer to purchase, drafting the appropriate deed and any other documents necessary to close the transaction, and representing sellers at closing.

Remember, only a licensed attorney can provide legal advice in your real estate transaction – closing agents, loan officers, and real estate agents cannot.

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Buying or selling real estate can be extremely complicated, especially if you’re new to the game. For answers to many common questions, we encourage you to download the pamphlet below.

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